Pen Friends

20 days ago,I took part in the Ubuntu mail list,and communicate with the members about Linux and other things.There a much more foreigner in it,and they completely communicate in English,which I am good at.But I do not exit and join in the communication as much as I can.After I answering a common question,I write that I hope to make friends with them.Then many people in that list send email to me and they would like to become my friend.I thought that it is a good chance to touch the foreign things and improve my English.One of them is a French who stay in American for three years.She is also a flesh people in studying Linux.We communicate with each other through Email and Gtalk.I find my English is not so bad as I thought,and communicate in common things.She corrected my letter and replied to me.At first,I always used language tools for help.She did not agree on it and advised me to lose it and let her face the mistakes and corrected them for me.I thought I am so luck.We communicate about Linux,the difference between Chinese and American,the life of each other.I will persist on it.

Two pictures of my pen friend Meg :


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