Revolution OS 语录

  • 当RMS指出,发行版应该称作GNU/Linux时,Linus回答:

Well, I think it’s justified but it is justified if you actually make GNU distribution of Linux. The same way that I think that Red Hat Linux is fine or SuSe Linux, or Debian Linux. Uh, because if you actually make your own distribution of Linux.But calling Linux in general “GNU Linux”,I think, is just ridiculous.

  • Linux world大会上Linus为RMS颁奖时,RMS说:

So, very ironic things have happened, but nothing to match this. Giving the Linus Tovarlds award to the Free Software Foundation is sort of like giving the Han Solo award to the rebel fleet.
(Han Soloj是电影《星球大战》主角)

  • 影片结尾,RMS语重心长的说:

The whole GNU project is really one big hack. It’s one big act of subversive playful cleverness, to change society for the better, because I’m only interested in changing it for the better, but in a clever way.

By The Way:

Revolution OS(操作系统革命):

The Code Linux(代码Linux):

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