KVM Forum 2011

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KVM Forum 2011

This year’s KVM Forum, like last year’s, was co-located with LinuxCon NA.  Vancouver city played the host this year.

The interest in KVM has been rising over the years; from the first Forum in 2008, when we were just about 30 developers in a single room presenting work done and chatting about directions to take (the virtio design was hashed out during this conference), this year there were about 150 attendees, discussing optimising KVM instances and tracing the guests.  That’s a really big leap in three years.

Due to lots and lots of good talk submissions, not all of which could be rejected, the talk slots were reduced to 30 minutes per talk and there were parallel tracks in the afternoon sessions.  This allowed for more talks, but small Q&A sessions, and obviously, having to miss out on some talks due to another talk happening at the same time. All the talks have been video-recorded, though, and they should appear soon on the Forum page.
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