Describe Vancouver travel for meg

Meg is my friend who lives in USA, she is also a FOSS fan as me 😉  I knew her in ubuntu-user maillist in Oct 19, 2007 [0]. Today is Oct 19, 2011. Oh my god!!!  I found we have recognized integrated _4_ years! I didn’t realized this before I replied the email to her! so I need write another email to her to tell this. She always shares some condition of work/life to me, she is one of my good friends.
Hi Meg,
Everything is fine for me, thanks for your care 🙂 glad to receive from you.
Vancouver travel is really really wonderful! After flying for ten hours, I went to Vancouver, sky changed from black to bright, I can see beautiful clouds, mountain, ocean and sunshine. I only flied to hometown in the before, it takes about 90 mins. So the international flying is fresh for me. I took a lot of photos and played the games in the seat….
It’s 18:00 that I get to Vancouver, so I go to hotel by skytrain which is controlled by computer (without driver), instead of taxi. I also exchanged some packet money in the airport, and connected with colleagues/family/friends by the convenient wifi. It was easy to find the hotel because I had reviewed the street by googld map in advance, but a unexpected problem was occurred, my visa card hadn’t been applied, so I couldn’t checked in without visa, even if room was already registered by my colleague. I talked with the worker for a while, and communicate with Bejing colleagues by gtalk. In the end, I gave them 200 CAD as deposit, which would be returned to me when my colleagues come in. For getting a check flight, I’m the only earliest guy.
I attended internal/external meeting/forum for 4 days, met a lot of hackers, extended my technology view, this is the biggest gain, so many interest things, such as the parties, discussions, different kinds of culture and thoughts, and so on.
I reserved 6 days to play, so many nice memories, walking sunset beach, swimming in the sea, writing in the beach, chatting with bus driver, eating delicious food, tasting wine, taking photos with foreigners, querying about job/life in Vancouver, watching acts in street, cooking in the hotel, playing harmonica for my friends, ……..
Really really nice travel 🙂 I took more than 1000 photos, you can find a little part of them here [1]

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