Thoughts 1 about my trip (cut from email)

Barcelona Photo:
Paris Photo:

China is a big and close country, so most of people just live & die insider this filed. But the world is multiplex, different kind of language, food, culture, history.
So I like to travel both insider & outsider China, take photos, make friends, do communication.

I found Spanish is easier to learn than French, I only learned “hello” “morning” in French because it contains more inflection tones, but I learned more Spanish by a software in my mobile phone. Noise parties is a good way to communicate, the narrow area forces people to communicate, everybody explain their thoughts, but in China most of people just listen to voice of VIP (eg. leader, excellent people, stronger, beauty girl 😉

Spanish people enjoy their work, the receptionists in hotel, waiters in restaurant, etc. They are very happy and honest, cheer for the goal loudly (it almost could not happy in China, people have a view of degree in work position). Then I know why so many people aren’t happy in work & life.

I’m not a racism, but I felt a little scare if many black persons swarm into subway without smile. Some nice black people also give me strong impression, their honest / friendly. So keep relax with your face, and try to smile to your friends, colleagues, even strangers, then you will be happy 🙂

I hosted in Hotel Fira Palace Barcelona, which is nearby the Spanish Square & National Art Museum of Catalonia. I always run around the hotel every morning at 7:00 ( someone said it’s not safe, security is not good 😉 I only touch one “polite” cheater in the beach (give a little fruit to us, and ask for 2 $E per person, I was catch in the first time, because I saw all the people are really nice than I thought, In China I will never accept fruit from stranger.)