Nice rainy day

Yesterday, one of my colleague XiangQian tried an English online course, the beautiful teacher is from Philippines. I stand behind XiangQian and watched the video. They started from short introduction, then described basic 5 vowels, made simple sentences, then talked about the weather (Sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowy). I like the course, courage to speak and make mistake is important and useful for most of Chinese, and the regular basic training or self studying are necessary, especially for the pronunciation.

We got rain after the course, the hottest days of summer isn’t coming, but we are trapped insider the office without air-condition, even without a direct window to exchange the air. There are many fan equipments in the seat. The good thing is that company provides delicious ice cream for us, some colleagues also make some drinking for us (Green bean soup and SuanMeiTang soup[1]). I was a little bit thin when I was young, so I hate cold winter and adapt to hot summer. I start to live in school from middle school, the heaters are very original and poor efficiency.

But I moved from thin group to fat group in the end of university time, because of stress or too much relax. I still remember the Twice Cooked Port [2], and fruit beer in Xi’an. I met difficult option in that time, to join in CPLA as an officer or drift to Beijing to seek (OpenSource) technology dream. I choose Red Hat, Linux Kernel leading contributor. OpenSouce technology and culture leads me to another extended world and effects me a lot.

Rain after hot days always take us the calm and cool. It’s good to take some exercise out of the door, walk in the rain for relax, write or read something, or just have a good sleep. I always like the last one 😉



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