First ScyllaDB Summit

Scylla is the world’s fastest column-store database: the functionality of Apache Cassandra with the speed of a light key/value store.

Raw speed isn’t just a nice benchmark or a low cloud bill. Scylla’s order of magnitude improvement in performance opens a wide range of possibilities.  Instead of designing a complex data model to achieve adequate performance, use a straightforward data model, eliminate complexity, and finish your NoSQL project in less time with fewer bugs.

Performance improvements enable not just reduction in hardware resources, but also a reduction in architecture, debugging, and devops labor. Scylla combines the  simple and familiar Cassandra architecture with new power to build a data model that fits the application, not tweak the model to fit the server.

Drop in replacement solution


Come to Scylla Summit for talks on performance tuning, user success stories, data modeling, upcoming features, and more.

One event brings together the whole Scylla community – from core developers to DevOps professionals, to client developers, and NoSQL architects. We are still accepting proposals for talks—see the Call for Papers section for details.


Share your experience with ScyllaDB! Tell us how Scylla is used in your organization. Topics of interest include:

  • Best practices
  • Scylla use cases
  • Integration with analytics and IoT workloads
  • Scylla projects of all kinds – from small clusters to Internet scale

Please submit your abstract to The deadline for abstracts is August 1, 2016.

Abstract should be no longer than 500 words. Please include a targeted audience level (novice, intermediate, expert), your name, affiliation, email address, a short speaker bio, and a phone number we can use to contact you.

More info:





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Expanding the Storage Space of an EBS Volume on Linux


migrate to Fedora 24

After used Mac Pro more than one year as desktop, I bought a Dell XPS (13.3) laptop, and installed latest Fedora 24. Although I always use ubuntu/centos servers and ubuntu/fedora virtual machines, but the new system makes a exciting, the nature key shortcuts are very convenient.

Recommended some Gnome Extensions:
– Dash to Dock: use it to hold taskbar on the left side.

My friend Chun also loves my new system, he was shocked by big release number of Fedora, he still remember the days we were confused by unstable Feodra Core 5.

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