Air pollution in SuZhou

ZRong shared a short video of SuZhou in his Wechat, I thought SuZhou is nearby the sea and has more plants and rain, there should have no or less air pollution. So I was surprise for this, I checked from Internet it’s true, Suzhou also got serious/light pollution (pm 2.5).

I raised a question to his Wechat, but he replied that it’s just fog not air pollution. I sent the snapshot of air quality to him, he replied, at least it’s better than Xi’an(my city).

Suzhou is really a nice place, I even consider to move there, that’s why I care about it. If the dominance of city is based on stupidly ignoring problem, that’s really funny. The worse thing is our health is hurt by this patient attitude.

We have tradition adage “五十步笑百步”. Two solider escaped, the one escaped 50 steps jeers the one escaped 100 steps. Actually it’s in same fault with different degree.

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