Most of people take very less exercise everyday, they stay inside the house for most of time, sit or lie on somewhere. That’s unhealthy.

When people have chance to do exercise, it’s easy to be exciting, and take too much exercise once. Such as hiking, swimming, riding bike, running. That’s also unhealthy. We should do some prepare work to make the body adapt the rhythm, and increase the exercise time day by day.

Some of my friends hurt themselves in the past, they all sit around the compute and have less exercise. And they suddenly do too much exercise and make the body uncomfortable or hurt.

However, there are some activities, which will not cost too much power, and have less impact for the body. Such as jogging, that’s also very easy to insist on.


The drinking time

If you have friends to enjoy the wonderful time together for drinking, having dinner, hiking, etc. That’s great! The drinking might be the easiest one to act, you don’t need to care about the weather, careful prepare, and personal hobbies. People are all very busy for life, job, money, most communication throughs the fast internet.

The funny thing is that I’m not good at drink wine, includes the beer. My body lacks of one kind of enzyme which is used to digest the wine. But I like drinking, and enjoy the happy time in the bar. I like the lightless bar, not for doing some wrong thing, but for hiding my red face 😉

Recently I started to drink the tea, that’s more traditional. There are many simple tea room in Chengdu, drinking tea is a popular way of relax. In other place, drinking tea is treated as an advanced life style, especial for some gentleman. I haven’t share tea with friends, so it’s simple, quite and alone drinking. So far so good.

Street BBQ is also relaxed, but sometimes that’s not health. It’s good to organize some BBQ party at home, and prepare the meat by ourself.