Opensource NoSQL – Scylla (compatible with Cassandra)

About Scylla

Scylla is an open source drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra at 10x the performance and low tail-latency at all times. The project was started from 2014, github major project Scylla has 14,000+ commits, 40+ contributors.

The team behind Scylla designed and developed the KVM hypervisor, the default hypervisor in many cloud computing environments, including Google Compute Engine and OpenStack.

You can follow or join in its development by Twitter (@ScyllaDB), Maillist (!forum/scylladb-dev), Github (, Slack (found latest invite link from

Download packages from

About Seastar

Seastar( is an advanced, open-source C++ framework for high-performance server applications on modern hardware. Seastar is used in ScyllaDB .


Merry Christmas!

It’s late to say Merry Christmas! But good for Happy new year!

Most of people celebrate the Christmas for none formal or religion reason, they just want to happy. We saw a lot of people talk about Christmas, share fun on that day. There were also other people object to the foreign  festival.

There are some unofficial gossip in SNS, it might be generated and broadcasted by some self-media. I don’t really care about the attitude from government about Christmas or other foreign festivals/culture.

Life is not easy, no reason to doubt a beautiful fairy tale. The whole world might be virtual (doesn’t exist), do you doubt about that? 😉

feel cold

We store some food/stuffs in a small room which is connected with bedroom, I felt a little bit cold, so I suggested to close the window of the small room. But my wife said the current temperature is just fine, don’t close the window! It helps to exchange the air in the night.

Usually I take the thick quilt in winter, my wife takes the thin one. But she wanted to take the thick one, and leave me a thin one. And she still insists on keeping the window open.

Translation: What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.

Google Chrome can’t save password

All saved password in Chrome disappeared after upgrading the system to High Sierra. I tried to sync it from Google, sync completed but no password was synced. And the password of new site can’t be saved successfully, Chrome asked to save it, but not really work.

I can’t bear to remember all password especially for some unimportant sites, I found a solution in Google forum. The problem was solved by following steps:

  • delete all users from Google chrome
  • upgrade Chrome to latest version
  • quit Chrome
  • deleting KeyChain of Chrome
  • start Chrome
  • add user, login with your Google account (apps, data will be synced again)

After executed above steps, I can saw original saved password, and when I login new sites, the password can be saved to Chrome as expected.