Enjoy the fun in Winter

Winter is comming, we already got a little snow. It melted very soon, and child didn’t have chance to play.

I hated the winter when I was in middle & high school, it’s very cold to stay in classroom and bedroom, which didn’t have heating device. Therefor, I love summer, even it’s very hot without air conditioner.

I no longer hate winter because it’s not cold as past.

The wind in Bejing is impressed, it’s nearby the Siberia area, the cold air comes from there. Both Beijing and Xi’an are very dry in winter, the air pollution is a common problem for China, especially for the north side.

Winter also means the Spring Festival in China, that’s the most important day in traditional culture. Both noodle and dumpling are famous food in festival, the whole family make it together in watching TV, the only focusd program is Spring Festival Gala in CCTV.