Fedora 24 on Dell XPS-13 hangs in shutdown

在笔记本Dell XPS-13上安装的Fedora 24,每次关机都会卡住,有时候等很久会自动关机,有时候着急就直接强制关机了。之前看到一些workaround是把wifi关掉,因为在关机时候有个下面的错误提示。但是我关掉还是卡住。

brcmf_cfg80211_reg_notifier: not a ISO3166 code


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migrate to Fedora 24

After used Mac Pro more than one year as desktop, I bought a Dell XPS (13.3) laptop, and installed latest Fedora 24. Although I always use ubuntu/centos servers and ubuntu/fedora virtual machines, but the new system makes a exciting, the nature key shortcuts are very convenient.

Recommended some Gnome Extensions:
– Dash to Dock: use it to hold taskbar on the left side.

My friend Chun also loves my new system, he was shocked by big release number of Fedora, he still remember the days we were confused by unstable Feodra Core 5.

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