Looking for a SW Engineer to join the Avocado team (Power8)

Hi folks. (from: https://www.redhat.com/archives/autotest-kernel/2014-September/msg00012.html)

We’re looking for a SW Engineer to work on the KVM Test Automation team (currently working on Avocado), focusing on Power8.

The primary assignment of this person will be to work on the Power8 port of Avocado and to be the person responsible for anything related to power8 in our KMV test automation infrastructure in the long term.

If you know of somebody who would fit the description below and is willing to join our team, please point them to the Red Hat job site or contact me in private.

The position is public in this URL:
http://jobs.redhat.com/jobs/descriptions/software-engineer-automating-testing-brno-jihomoravsky-kraj-czech-republic-job-1-4786737 (don’t care about the work place)

Company Description:
    At Red Hat, we connect an innovative community of customers,
    partners, and contributors to deliver an open source stack of
    trusted, high-performing technologies that solve business
    problems. We’re a billion dollar S&P 500 company offering
    solutions from Linux to middleware, storage to cloud,
    together with award-winning global customer support,
    consulting, and implementation services. 

Job summary:
    The Red Hat Engineering team in Brno is looking for a
    Software Engineer to join the KVM team in Brno, Czech
    Republic. Focusing on Power8 (ppc64), you will work on the
    development of testing frameworks and tools to automate the
    test coverage of Red Hat virtualization technologies running
    on the IBM Power8 architecture. As a Software Engineer,
    you'll work with a globally distributed team to develop
    critical technology for Red Hat products while collaborating
    with the open source community on many projects. 

Primary job responsibilities:
    * Design and implement new features in open source testing
      frameworks like Avocado and Autotest
    * Integrate multiple automation tools in a Continuous
      Integration (CI) system for KVM on Power8
    * Assist the Quality Assurance team in developing complex
      tests involving virtualization technologies
    * Promote a culture of test automation internally within Red

Required skills:
    * 2-3 years of significant software development experience on
    * Good understanding of the inner workings of a Linux
    * Experience with test automation or continuous integration
    * Familiarity with development languages like Python and C
    * Experience with open source projects and development tools
    * Familiarity with IBM's Power8 architecture
    * Bachelor's degree in computer science or equivalent