OS X EI Capitan: USB网卡RTL8152驱动安装

升级完系统(OS X EI Capitan, 10.11.3 ),USB网卡不能工作。解决方法:

About This Mac -> Overview -> System Report -> Hardware -> USB -> USB 10/100 LAN

USB 10/100 LAN:

  Product ID:   0x8152
  Vendor ID:    0x0bda  (Realtek Semiconductor Corp.)
  Version:      20.00
  Serial Number:        A0CEC804E87E
  Speed:        Up to 480 Mb/sec
  Manufacturer: Realtek
  Location ID:  0x14100000 / 2
  Current Available (mA):       1000
  Current Required (mA):        100
  Extra Operating Current (mA): 0

RTL8152B(N) (Software) –> Other OS –> MAC OS 10.6 to 10.11

安装后重启,kextstat |grep RTL 就可以看到自动加载的驱动,usb网卡就可以被识别、工作了。

  • kextload / kextunload -b com.realtek.driver.AppleRTL815XComposite
  • kextload/ kextunload -b com.realtek.driver.AppleRTL815XEthernet

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